Wander with us

Working away on a sunny afternoon in Prague

Working away on a sunny afternoon in Prague

Want to wander off the beaten path with us? We are always happy to host guest bloggers and join in meet-greets where possible.

Feeling generous? Looking to connect with the greater world in a fun, friendly kinda way? We are happy to consider your product and or service and are open to various options that reflect the site’s core values- Eat well, travel often, drink coffee. 

Traveling Honeybird offers you a creative way to deliver fast promotion of your unique brand. You’ll see immediate results through our social media communities and blog articles.

The site features destinations from around the world, travel narratives, photo essays and travel tips. Our website is aimed at seasoned travelers, young independent travelers, nervous newbies and general adventuresome folk. We are committed to bringing our readers the most up to date and helpful travel advice in the most delicious way possible. We believe life comes in threes- eat, travel drink.

Our readers interested in-

  • Adventure and Outdoors
  • Coffee
  • Culinary Experiences
  • Backpacking and Fashpacking
  • Urban Adventures
  • Arts and Culture
  • Solo Travel
  • Travel Photography
  • Budget and Luxury Accommodations

Who is travelling with us?

Our demographics are as interesting and unique as Euorvision voting.

Our followers ranked by region at Australia 51.1%, United Kingdom 22.2%, United States 8.9% followed closely Canada, Spain and Germany.


Social media stats~

Twitter– 1,200 followers

Instagram– 500+ followers

Klout Score-59

All easily found @honeybirdtravel

So what can we do for you?

  • Write posts about our experiences visiting a destination and highlight the attractions
  • Write posts about your product
  • Produce photo essays to promote a destination
  • Provide social media coverage via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

A few things to note- Jeanette’s reviews are open and most importantly honest. Sometimes sassy but always with a smile. We value our readers and their trust and not to mention our integrity. Check out her Yelp reviews here or take a looksie at our The Mid Game Report over here.

Want to see who we are partnering up with? Go see Friends of Ours

To discuss possible partnership and sponsorship opportunities please complete the below form and we’ll reply by carrier pigeon. No carrier pigeons will be hurt in the delivery of this message. We abide by all relevant state and territory Pigeon EBA conditions within Australia.


James always going that extra mile

James always going that extra mile

Let's get talking- Leave us a comment below.

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