Destinations & Desires

We really want to see it all.  Here’s just a short list of places we want to see soonest.


Some of these places we have seen adventures there together other places on our own.

  1. Morocco
  2. Vietnam
  3. Cambodia (R)
  4. South America~ in particular a return to Guyana for Jean to visit the communities volunteered in
  5. Laos
  6. India
  7. Turkey
  8. Germany (R)
  9. Scotland (R)
  10. England-Wales (R)
  11. Ireland
  12. Venice
  13. Paris (R)
  14. Burma
  15. Mongolia
  16. China
  17. New York (R)
  18. Antartica
  19. Spain (R)
  20. Portugal
  21. South Afirca
  22. China
  23. Tasmania (R)
  24. France
  25. Russia
  26. Japan (R)

This list is ever growing as the days go on and we are inspired by other travelers and adventures.

Which destinations are in the top of your bucket list?


(R) These are the destinations that we are aiming to revisit some time in the near future.


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