Friends of Ours

Here are Traveling Honeybird we are friendly. The below list are just a few of our friends happily joining us on this adventure. Remember to always Eat Well, Travel Often and Drink Coffee.



At Gondwana, we are outdoor adventure addicts.

We love to conquer new terrain, fight unpredictable elements and explore this great southern land we are so lucky to call our home.

We think nothing makes you feel more alive than exploring unchartered territory, that’s why we create tough outdoor gear, specifically designed to perform in our harsh environment, vast landscapes, and extreme weather conditions.

Using the best functional fabrics and features with a preference for the eco-friendly, we aim to maximise your comfort and protection, so you can focus on more important things, like venturing off the beaten path and exploring with the people you love.

We are Gondwana;
We believe in breaking free.
We believe life’s better in our great outdoors.


Let's get talking- Leave us a comment below.

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